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A tender of 20 units 3ton Forklifts have been loaded for shipment to Turkey

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Issue Sep. 2020

Golden Autumn is destined to be a harvest season. The busy summer season is also shining with the sweat of all the Royals, and of course, now we got the crystallization of sweat.

After a period of busy, this month is one of the peaks of Royal’s shipments. Here, it will be our honors to share three orders with you.


Destination country: Australia

Product: Ultra low altitude rough terrain (1990mm high)

Quantity: 7

The cooperation between Royal and our Australian dealer continues to steady growth, and all the royals always try our best to meet the needs of our customers. These 7 ultra-low-altitude rough-terrain forklifts exported this month are able to meet the requirements of the basement or similar height working place.


Country of destination: Serbia

Product: Diesel forklift

Quantity: 2

Although not a big quantity, based on the trust in Royal and the recognition of product quality, this is the third order of our cooperation this year. I believe that our future cooperation will be more orderly and stable, and bring greater development and growth to both parties.


Country of destination: Turkey

Product: Diesel forklift

Quantity: 20 units

This is another successful overseas bid of Royal Forklift, and this time we will supply the Turkish Defense Force. After rounds of bidding documentation review, specification checked, and sample forklift check, finally, Royal forklift win tender due to the good quality and competitive price.

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