New Industrial Power
With a side-door battery change design, the battery can be easily taken out from the side by using a pallet truck, stacker, or forklift. Comparing to conventional forklifts, this way of taking the battery from change is faster, easier, and safer.
RY forklift is adopted the new energy-saving system. When forklift slowing down during travel or parking or braking or driving on the rampway during working, the battery will get recharged and can save energy in order to improve working efficiency by prolonging working hours.
RY forklifts come without a parking lever but by automatic electromagnetism parking system. Once the truck stopped, the parking system started and the indicator shows the lights of (P)
RY forklift can adjust traveling speed according to the turning angle with steering self-control device. It can reduce some accidents due to high traveling speed at a bigger turning angle, which is safer.

    According to the ergonomic theory, the RY forklift works out the best moment arm of force, to have the operation handler in the best position. This can provide the operator with the best comfort of operation and also increase the better visibility.

    R-Series 3Wheel Electric Forklift

    Standard Configuration
    Rated Capacity1600-2000kgs
    Mast Lift Height3000-6500mm
    ControllerZAPI AC
    Battery side pulling systemStandard
    Fork Length920-1070mm
    LED Working LightsAs Standard
    Extend battery capacityHawker Battery
    Without batteryCharger
    Finger tips3/4way hydraulic valve and pipes
    Suspension seatOPS Sytem
    Extended Fork LengthWider carriage
    Special battery pulling truckAutomatic watering system
    Finger tips
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