New Industrial Power
Easily remove the back cover by only loosening two bolts; Access to all key components for inspection, maintenance, and replacement.
Easy access for battery maintenance. The vertical motor makes the inspection & service much more convenient.
The Control system allows easy trouble-shooting. Low voltage lift cut off design protects batteries.
One-time formed fork, box type frame and adjustable linkage extend the life of undercarriage.
  • Great Option for Heavy Duty & High Stacking Tasks

    The curved design of the front chassis avoids pinching point when lifting. The curved design of the bottom frame ensures proper ground clearance and avoids hurting the operator’s feet. The emergency reverse belly button protects the operator from getting hurt.

    R-Series Electric Stacker

    Standard Configuration
    Rated Capacity1000-2000 Kgs
    Fork Width540/685 mm
    Fork Length1150/1220mm
    ControllerZAPI AC
    Lifting Height3000-4500 mm
    Larger battery capacity Special forks
    Cold-room Condition
    Straddle Legs
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